Don't Ruin Your Vacation

Get Ready To Vacation on the Beach

So you waited all year for this trip and now it's time to unwide relax and enjoy your week on the beach.  We want to make sure your time in the sun, waves, and sand is all you had hoped for.  Planning for your trip will help with what to do, what to pack, and when and where to arrive.  There are some things you can't plan for like getting sick while you're here or travel delays.  Just be prepared that something might happen and you might be late or on the couch a day or two with a cold.  If you make here without any trouble start enjoying the warm weather and beach but, don't go out in the sun unprotected.  This is one of the fastest ways to ruin your vacation.  If you have been out of the sun for a few months your probably not ready to expose your skin to it for a full day.  Getting burnt isn't any fun as you won't want to go back to the beach with sunburnt skin.  Plus if you have been drinking or running on the beach the sun can drain the water from your body making you dehydrated quickly.  We don't want an ER visit to be part of your trip so stay hydrated and in the shade when possible.  It's recommended to stay no longer than 20 minutes in the sun without sunscreen.  We know that's not going to happen so pack your favorite sunscreen we like Sun Bum, straw hat, and UV blocking shirt.  There are tons of ways to block your skin from the sun.  You can also bring or rent a beach umbrella to provide shade on the beach.  We do have free beach chairs and umbrellas but it's first come first serve when using these items.  Make sure your day on the beach is planned as good as your trip was.  Without the proper sun-blocking items there is a good chance your trip could be ruined.